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We care about printing and embroidering quality apparels & products, trusted relationships with our customers, and a sense of community that connects our customers and team with one another.





ron katz

Howdy! I’m Ron Katz (Ronaldo) and I am the FOUNDER and CEO of Denver Screenprint & Embroidery.


I am originally from the small town of Findlay, Ohio and spent a couple of years at Ohio State University where I discovered traditional education wasn’t the path for me, so I began my life’s adventure, rambling around the country, finally staking my flag in Denver in 1964.


I began my working career as a busboy right here in Denver at the Brown Palace Hotel, cleaning tables and meeting the most interesting people Denver had to offer as well as world travelers such as the Beatles when they came to play Red Rocks! Eventually I got a job in a fine men’s clothing store in Cherry Creek Shopping Center and after realizing my passion for clothing I began my first business venture opening up my own fine men’s clothing store. It was an exciting time in men’s clothing, and I had the good fortune of working with the most talented men’s clothing designers in America.Among them Ralph Lauren, which made me one of Polo’s first clients outside of New York. There were so many talented American menswear designers back then and together we defined the way American men dressed!


Many years later, after selling my store, wondering what my next act could be, I partnered with the son of a good friend of mine and together we became licensees of the British Broadcasting Company and started the Doctor Who Fan Club of America. Our fan club grew quickly to 50,000+ members and we became a strong force in raising money for Public Television. Along with all the fun we had meeting the Doctor Who fans across the country as well as the cast, crew, writers and producers of the program, we always had the problem of finding a reliable screenprinter for the t-shirts we were selling. We couldn't keep our inventory stocked! So, we decided to take matters into our own hands and sometime in 1983 we opened our own printing facility in a three car garage in the Cherry Creek North neighborhood around 3rd Avenue & Detroit.  Eventually we were busted by the city zoning department and moved into our first factory in downtown Denver. This was the beginning of Denver Screenprint & Embroidery.


I couldn’t be more proud of our crew and the cast of characters I work with. Every employee we have takes such great pride in their work, the company we represent and the clients we work for. I have started, bought and sold my share of businesses in my lifetime and will honestly say DSPE is my favorite and greatest achievement in the business world. My #1 passion is my family, and my #1 hobby is gardening. 


If I could do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing.


SHANE katz


I was born and raised in the Mile High City of Denver Colorado.

I graduated from Denver East High School in 1987 and went onto attend Fort Lewis College in Durango Colorado and graduated in 1993; a Colorado boy all the way! After surveying my options (post-graduation), I decided to work with my dad’s screenprinting business. As I write this bio, I realize it’s now 28 years later and I’m still here! It appears that working for Denver Screenprint & Embroidery has turned from a job to a career, to a passion. Continuing the family business and working alongside my father is rare in today's world and something I am very proud of.


I started in outside sales, communicating with customers and “cold calling” businesses (the latter being a tall order for me). We hired several other outside salespeople, and I was able to move to inside sales, which I greatly preferred. Inside sales is where I met with potential customers who called or came to our factory with their ideas or screenprinting-related problems; people who were looking for professional advice for their branding projects. I often had to help in our screen department (which is playfuly referred to as the guts or soul of our company). When we were in our busy season, I had to catch t-shirts coming down our dryer and work in quality control. I eventually began printing shirts, which is really something I’ve always enjoyed; I even learned how to mix the ink and match Pantone colors for the jobs I printed. Over all these years I have worked in nearly every phase of our company, except for creating and preparing art in our art department.

I have spent a good part of my career building on the culture that Denver Screenprint & Embroidery was founded on. We are a family owned and operated business, so we consider our employees an extension of our own family. Every job and project we take on has its own unique character and purpose; we (as a family) look at each project as if it were our own project, our own money we were spending. I was brought up in a culture where reputation was more valued than money. Because of this we treat each and every customer who walks through our door with the same care and attention we would give to our own family. 


In my private life I love to be involved in every way with ceramic arts and covet the time I spend in my studio. I also will spend as much time as I can in these awesome Rocky Mountains, skiing, hiking, mountain biking and fishing. After all this talk of family I'd be remiss not to mention the thing I am most proud of, my two sons. The men they’ve become and are becoming make me more and more proud every day.

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