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Hunt To Eat screen print of deer

Denver Screen Print & Embroidery has been the Rocky Mountain Region’s premier choice for custom screen printing since 1983. If you’re looking for a high quality screen printing company that is dependable and stands behind it’s work, you’ve come to the right place!

Our services begin with our knowledgeable in-house art department, turning your design(s) or logo(s), even your ideas, into crisp and clean artwork that translates into successful screen printed products. It is always best to give us the best art files (or image) you have: such as a vector file in Adobe Illustrator or from a high resolution 300 DPI, preferable image at 100% of desired print size in Adobe Photoshop. Also, any text you want printed should provide your font with “outlines” (this now creates actual artwork that we can successfully reproduce). If you don’t have either of these, no worries, we’ll work with what you have!

Our experience gives us a huge edge over our competitors for sourcing products for your projects. While we have an extensive online catalog system on this site, we also have relationships with manufacturers and custom apparel factories for you. We can source your goods at wholesale prices, or if you have your own apparel, we can print that too (we do not take responsibility for garments brought into our factory by a customer that might not print to our standards).

Although we began printing with water base inks nearly 15 years from our inception, water base ink silk screen printing became what defined us as a cutting-edge leader in our industry. Adding water to pigments is an age-old technique, one that was nearly forgotten in the Western Hemisphere. Aside from being environmentally responsible, the finished product is the softest print possible on a fine cotton shirt. Using discharging agents takes the process one step further, allowing us to print onto dark colored cotton shirts. Although colors are often difficult to match and the finished print is less of a bright, billboard look than plastisol inks, water based inks have become a favorite of many of our best clients. Indeed, many customers and companies looking for the most eco-friendly way to embellish or decorate their garments, seek out and find us from all over the United States. In fact, we believe this is what made Denver Screen Print & Embroidery famous! Contact us to find out more about this great process.


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