A Stitch Above the Rest

Embroidery, like screen printing, is no longer a cute little “Mom & Pop” hobby; it’s turned into a very sophisticated billion dollar business. Embroidery is a great option to increase the perceived value, or “look” of the finished garment. Produced with needles and thread, embroidery with create a 3 dimensional image that no other apparel decoration can reproduce. While it may not produce the detail that other decorating techniques do, embroidery has long been a favorite for the up-scale look.

Like art work for screen printing is important, the artwork for embroidery should also come as a vector file in Adobe Illustrator or from a high resolution 300 DPI, preferable image at 100% of desired print size in Adobe Photoshop. Also, any text you want printed should provide your font with “outlines” (this now creates actual artwork that we can successfully reproduce). If you don’t have either of these, no worries, we’ll work with what you have!

We then will take your logo into our digitizing program to create a permanent art file for you. There is a cost for this and that cost directly related to the size of your design, which turns into the amount of stitches it will require to produce your image onto the substrate (garment or bag) of your choice. The size of your finished logo/design relates to the cost of the product you’re buying. So remember, the larger the image, the more expensive it will cost to reproduce.


Minimum DPI of 300

Image Preference

DST, Vector, JPG

Color Profile