What we do and why we're the best

Most apparel decorators claim to have the highest quality, fastest turn-around and lowest prices. We’re very proud of our quality, our customer service and know what it takes to be successful in our market since 1983. Below is a sample of what we do and how we do it.


Screen Printing

Man using manual screen printer with white ink

Denver Screen Print & Embroidery were the pioneers, the very first screen printing company in the Rocky Mountain Region to use environmentally responsible water base inks. We are still regarded as the premier water base printers in Colorado and are known nationally for our quality eco-printing. We also print with many other products for certain special effects and fashion looks.

DPI: 300

Image Preference: PDF, EPS, AI, PSD

Color Profile: RGB or CMYK

Stock Ink Pallet




Embroidery, like screen printing, is no longer a cute little “Mom & Pop” hobby; it’s turned into a very sophisticated billion dollar business. Embroidery is a great option to increase the perceived value, or “look” of the finished garment. Produced with needles and thread, embroidery with create a 3 dimensional image that no other apparel decoration can reproduce. While it may not produce the detail that other decorating techniques do, embroidery has long been a favorite for the up-scale look.

DPI: 300

Image Preference: DST, VECTOR, JPG

Color Profile: RGB or CMYK



Direct to Garment

Vinyl heat transfer on tee of a buddha on black tee

Digital printing isn’t a simple trend, to come then go, has become an important part of our industry. Each year that we’ve been into DTG digital printing we have seen the numbers double and realized its relevancy. Although currently, the process is still relatively slow, the end results are stunning. DTG is made for small runs of very intricate designs. The process is digital so it’s like printing a full color photograph onto a T-shirt, wherein the ink is sustainable to the fabric and normal washing! There are no screens involved, so no screen charges apply. DTG is perfect for small runs, even a single, one-off shirt.

DPI: 300

Image Preference: PDF, EPS, PNG

Color Profile: RGB or CMYK


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