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Environmentally Friendly Screen Printing

Water Based Ink Earth Friendly Green Technology

DSPE uses water based inks to deliver silk screening at its best because it’s ideal for decorating garments most beautifully. We have been doing this for years and define water based inks as those that have the lowest environmental impact because the main solvent is pure water.

Organic Cotton Apparel

DSPE exclusively uses organic cotton apparel that’s 100% USA grown and then, using only USA workers to spin, knit, cut, sew and trim it, we can make custom, soft, gorgeous cotton garments using your design. To make sure that the dye is used in an Earth friendly way, we create the colors our clients want and then dye the clothes ourselves.  The results include a simple array of organic cotton shirts for men and women available in many exciting colors and shades.

Screen Print Demo of Environmentally Friendly Green Technology Process

Our founder and president, Rob Katz, is featured narrating a fascinating video that displays the actual screen printing process used to create beautiful designs in an environmentally benign way. Water based screen printing begins with your design and then we mix the inks to achieve exactly the right colors. In this up-to-four color process, each color is carefully spread out on individual screens which must be perfectly aligned to achieve the exact image desired. Once the shirt has the ink applied, the water is removed with a special dryer leaving the ink infused into the fabric so it feels natural and looks great for years. We believe that once you see this video, you will be proud to wear shirts from DSPE.

Doing Our Part to Maintain a Clean Environment with Green Technology

Water-based ink screen printing is a clean and sustainable technology. That’s why we have moved all our screen printing to this process. This way we know that our business has a minimal impact on our environment. DSPE believe that water-based ink screen printing is just the right thing to do in comparison with much less environmentally friendly processes that use petroleum-based Plastisol. We don’t have to worry about any negative impacts on our employees or our customers.

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