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Custom T Shirt Printing Portfolio

We have been decorating apparel and doing  custom t shirt printing since 1983. During that time we have served thousands of companies.

Our client base includes a wide variety of companies such as:  special groups and clubs, sports teams,  bands,  retail stores,  restaurants,  nightclubs,  food markets and wholesale food distributors.  They also range from coast to coast,  as well as Canada.  As you may have discovered eco-printers are hard to find:  we are a rarity!

For a visual view of our work, such as our custom t shirt printing - check out our photo gallery!

Our water base printing has also attracted the fashion world to us from department stores like Foleys to high end boutiques such as:

  • Fred Segal (Melrose & Santa Monica)
  • Scoop and Attrium (New York)
  • Cry Baby Ranch
  • MAX and many, many in between

 Musical bands are a nice part of our business, as well.  Speaking of custom t shirts - when the (now famous) band The Fray were just a local group of talented geniuses playing great music,  we printed their t shirts!

Other Colorado groups that wore custom t shirts from us include:

  • Devotchka
  • Honky Tonk Hangovers
  • Lords of Fuzz
  • Platte River Killers
  • 19 ADD
  • Lazy Face
  • Curse of the Nation
  • The Fanatics; the list goes on and on

Older bands from yesteryear like Bad Brains, Ziggy Marley and the Whalers, Todd Rundgren, King Sunny Ade, Alpha Blonde and groups we can’t even remember, were clients of ours.    One company in the music business we don’t want to forget is Beatport (great designs).

We also service large corporations :

  • Whole Foods Market
  • Allegro Coffee
  • Noodles Restaurants
  • Wells Fargo Banks

Food companies:

  • Larabar
  • Clifbar
  • Superfood Snacks
  • Green Foods Corp

Wonderful green restaurants:

  • Watercourse
  • City O City
  • City Grille
  • Caterers such as the amazing Three Tomatoes Catering

Design firms use our goods and services frequently

  • Design & Image
  • See Brand Go
  • Sukle Advertising & Design
  • AOR
  • Argent Studios

Even The Museum of Contemporary Art ( MCA ) and Museo De Las Americas often have custom t shirts and other apparel printed for specific events and artists.

Schools of all sizes are clients of ours:
Aveda Insitute, to Colorado University and Denver University, Edison Elementary to Montessori Schools. Organic and Green clubs within Universities buy our Organic Apparel line and have us print for them, from Harvard to the University of Florida, University of Wisconsin to UCLA.

All around the USA, ecologically minded and green driven students are looking for eco-friendly apparel and apparel decorators and finding Denver Screen Print & Embroidery and Organic Apparel meeting their needs.

Ourclients are many and they are loyal. Why? Because we take great care of our customers.

We feel when someone places an order with us, we have a new customer. However, by the time they have placed their third order, they are considered our valuable client and are treated so.

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Why Use Our Services?

  • Quality clothing at
    affordable prices
  • We’re organically driven unlike most “print shops”
  • We have over 25 years
    of experience
  • Using the latest technology,
    we can print for any sized
    demand within a 2 week
    turn around

Sustainable Apparel
Check here for the latest additions to organic, recycled, bamboo, hemp: sustainable apparel. 
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