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T Shirt Printing Denver, Colorado

If you’re looking for custom t shirts or corporate apparel and want to find a screen print company or embroidery company that you can trust, you’re on the right website. We have been silk screening custom apparel, logo apparel and personalized shirts since 1983. Although we might just be the oldest screen print company in Colorado, we offer the most contemporary apparel and use the newest screen printing methods in the marketplace. In addition, we provide free artwork consultation to all our customers.

Although Denver Screen Print and Embroidery uses many types of silk screen printing inks, we are best known for our expertise with water-based inks for our tee shirt printing. With this method of silk screening (water base screen printing) our customers can use the highest quality soft style shirt, create the most intricate artwork they choose and experience a custom tshirt that feels softer and is more durable.

Beyond the “art” of silk screening T-shirts lies a multitude of problems with creating an order of shirts for private or commercial uses. In the 30 (plus) years we’ve been in business, we would like to think we’ve come across most of them so we can make your project run smoothly. Let’s face it, you’re simply looking for a nice shirt for your company, event, club…whatever your project’s for…and you probably need it “yesterday”! As you’ll soon find out, you’ve come to the right place. Denver Screen Print & Embroidery is a company you can depend on to produce your job accurately, within a reasonable timeframe and we’ll perform this miracle within your budget.

More Shirt Pictures
Shirt Pictures

This great multi-colored shirt was created for a class photo at the Academy of Charter Schools. It turned out great and we got a big “Thank-You” from the Academy!

Our company is known, not only in the Rocky Mountain Region, but from coast to coast for our expertise in water base screen printing. This is not to suggest we don’t use other types of inks, we do; often we have to because the job or customer calls for it. However, when we can use them, we prefer using water base inks: they’re softer to the touch (especially with the newer soft-style shirts), last longer on your shirt and are the most environmentally responsible of all the apparel printing inks. We don’t charge any more for the process.

We invite you to look at what our esteemed clients say about us (look on the “about us” section at the top of the page). Although we are proud to serve some very large local and national clients, our T-shirt business is built on the foundation of our small customers, we’re proud of that. If you’re not located in the Denver area, look on this website to see our sophisticated processes for T-Shirt screen printing; if you’re in the area, treat yourself to a trip to our conveniently located showroom in the LoHi District, neat Downtown Denver. For more information on ordering custom printed t-shirts, please check out our t-shirt ordering information page or give us a call at 303-433-0001.

We offer both digital and in person press checks and pre-production strike-offs. We also offer Contract Printing, where customers bring their own products for us to print. However, due to the fact that we don’t know the exact nature of many products brought to us (where, how or what they’re made of, or even if they are an imprintable substrate), we are only liable for a 2% defective print rate. This is to say if a customer brings 100 shirts to us and we ruin 5 of them, we are only liable to pay for 2 of them.

multi-colored shirt
multi-colored t-shirt

Here’s a great multi-colored shirt we produced for our prestigious client, The Integer Group. They are one of the largest promotional, retail and shopper marketing groups in the world and this was their offering for the Pride Parade.

multi-colored shirt
multi-colored t-shirt

Aside from the intricate and great graphic we produced for the Carousel of Happiness of Nederland, Colorado, their shirt shows off the fun of the Merry-Go-Round in Dreamy Nederland….check it out sometime!