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Art Department

All imagery (logos, designs, plain words, numbers)…everything starts with our art department. There’s an old saying: “garbage in, garbage out”. It doesn’t matter if you have great, professional artwork or junk; an idea in your head or on a napkin, almost all the art we receive has to be worked on to make it printable or sewable onto a garment. The good news is we don’t charge you for this type of artwork. however, artwork that needs to be built “from the ground up” may be charged for at $50 per hour. At any rate, DON’T LET ARTWORK SCARE YOU. Let us help you. Jon, our art director, has been with our company since 1989 and really knows what he’s doing. Bring or send us what you have and we’ll give you a good assessment of what we need to do for you. Below is the “ideal” format we like to see art come to us, but if you don’t have it in this format, we’ll help you get it there. Really, the better we can make your artwork look, the better it will reproduce and we’ll all be happier for it.

Also, we have a program on this site that will help you Design-Your-Own, it’s on our home page top button (4th from the left) simply called “Design”. Click onto it and cruise through it. Design-Your-Own is a powerful tool with hundreds of clip-art designs that you can use and customize for your own private design(s). And it’s easy! Well….it’s easy for most but some people might need some help and we’ll help you. It’s fun and you and your group or friends or business colleagues can work on your design together. And you don’t have to do it all at one time; you can work on it, save it and come back to it. It’s really great! You can even create your own mock-up and put it on the exact shirt you want right out of our catalog! Check it out. This way you can see what your shirt “should” look like. It’s a wonderful tool that has revolutionized the way people design and buy shirts online.

Best (current) format to send us artwork:

  • Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop / EPS, AI, OR PDF. All text must be created and sent into “outlines”
  • Artwork should be sent at 100% Image Size Required.
  • Photo shop files. Must be at 300 DPI/Resolution Artwork should be sent at 100% Image Size Required for print. PSD, JPEG or TIF files are best.